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Liyuan Fiber explains what performance advantages does differentiated polypropyl

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-12-08 15:04:16
      The so-called differentiated polypropylene fiber yarn is modified by physical or chemical methods on the basis of the original chemical fiber. This type of fiber not only retains the basic characteristics of the original fiber variety, but also overcomes its inherent shortcomings. Conventional fibers Differential methods include physical modification (mainly changing the physical structure of the polymer to change the properties of the fiber) and chemical modification (using copolymerization, grafting or crosslinking to change the polymer structure inside the fiber. Thereby changing the properties of the fiber), process modification (physical or chemical methods to change fiber properties in the fiber production process) and comprehensive modification. If the modification period is different, it can be divided into pre-spinning modification and spinning process Medium modification and modification after filament formation.