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Liyuan Fiber talks about the importance of the textile industry to the national

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-12-08 15:05:06
      The textile industry is a traditional pillar industry of my country’s national economy and an important civilian production industry. It is also an industry with obvious international competitive advantages in my country. It plays an important role in prospering the market, expanding exports, absorbing employment, increasing farmers’ income, and promoting urbanization. .
      The textile industry includes cotton spinning, chemical fiber, linen spinning, wool spinning, silk, textile knitting, printing and dyeing, etc. Its main raw materials are cotton, cashmere, wool, cocoon silk, chemical fiber, feather and down. The sub-industries of the textile industry mainly include clothing, household textiles, and industrial textiles. In recent years, the overall operation quality and efficiency have been good, and the industry operation growth rate has rebounded.