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Liyuan Fiber introduces the harm of textile fiber dust

Type:News | Updatetime:2021-11-13 16:35:59
1. One of the hazards that textile fiber dust will bring to us is that it is easy to threaten our life safety. This is because these dusts are all flammable materials for textiles. If there is a certain amount of sparks in the air, it will It is easy to cause burning, and the serious situation may even cause an explosion.
2. The second harm that textile fiber dust will bring to us is that the health of employees is threatened. Small particles of dust are floating in the air. If employees do not wear masks and other protective equipment when they go to work, they will inhale the dust into the body, causing serious wear and tear on the inner wall of our trachea, and severely affecting the health of the lungs.
3. There are also a large number of equipment in textile workshops. The prices of these equipment are generally more expensive. However, due to their small size, dust can easily enter some internal structures of the equipment. Long-term accumulation will cause damage to the equipment. The gears or some more important parts cause damage, which reduces the service life of the equipment and increases the cost.